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Mounting SFTP as a drive in Windows Vista

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sftpdrive-sample SftpDrive is a commercial program for Windows (apparantly it works in Vista: I’m using on multiple Vista machines here without a hitch).

It allows you to map directories on your SSH server as a network drive in Windows. This gives you seamless functionality between your SSHD and your local filesystem. I’ve found it extremely handy for editing remote source code and HTML, file management and storage/retrieval.

I’m going to press our company to purchase corporate licenses for SftpDrive, it’s really worth the price if you work via SSH on a regular basis on a Windows machine.

Anyone know of a free alternative that does the same?

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November 5th, 2007 at 9:54 pm

Pirates are victims according to Slashdot

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[17:04:35] <Art> An anonymous reader writes with a link to an article at P2P Net about the very first victim of the RIAA’s file-sharing litigation sweep. 
[17:04:49] <Art> i love how slashdot is calling the people who were caught pirating victims
[17:04:56] <sjm> roflmao
[17:05:10] <sjm> pure infringing our civil rights to steal music and films min
[17:05:13] <Art> roflmao
[17:05:13] <sjm> impeach bush
[17:05:18] <Art> serious
[17:05:30] <Art> mad i was victimized so bad when i beat the hell out of that granny
[17:05:35] <sjm> roflmao
[17:05:39] <Art> mad no one should be exposed to that much blood and brain splatter
[17:05:45] <sjm> roflmao
[17:05:47] <Art> pure scarred me for life she did
[17:05:55] <sjm> fucking bitch

Slashdot, the online community of scum from the Internet sewers, has a post today (First RIAA Case Victim Finally Speaks Out) commenting about Jammie Thomas, Internet pirater. Amongst other standard nonsense you’d expect from Slashdot, don’t miss how they’re now referring to Jammie as a victim.

I have sympathy for Ms Thomas’ personal circumstances, and I agree that there’s a lot of evidential burdens which the Claimant has yet to prove beyond reasonable doubt. On the other hand, Slashdot really shouldn’t be evangelising people caught by the RIAA and dubbing them as victims. It’s not the case that everyone who’s been subpeona’d is a struggling single mother, many of them choose to pirate because they’re scumbags (just like you and me). Putting on a veil of ignorance only goes so far, and the judge probably isn’t some idiot who’s sitting around waiting for you to pull the wool over his eyes with excuses like "I DIDNT KNOW IT WUZ WRONG UR HONOUR" or how about "IT WAS MY KIDS U CANT PROVE IT WUZ ME".

(As far as I’m concerned, if you allow your kids to pirate, you should bite the legal bullet for them, as you assisted someone in pirating–it’s not unreasonable at all to assume kids want to download commercial media, but hey, that’s just me. Maybe you sleep better at night thinking parents are complete fucking morons who genuinely believe their teenagers only browse to BBC and Facebook. Heavens help us that they would even think about piracy.

Let’s all register our childrens’ shareware products too, right?)

Aye, I completely have to agree with Slashdot here. Makes perfect sense. All they did was pirate software, and now copyright owners want to assert their rights? Sounds pretty unfair to me… can u spare a penny for us poor victims of piracy, the pirates?

Gotta love the Internet.

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November 4th, 2007 at 5:17 pm

mutt – creating a sentbox

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Edit your ~/.muttrc, append the following somewhere:

set record=+sentbox

Where ‘sentbox’ is the (path and) filename where mutt will record sent message. Thanks Dr Guildo from!

Update 08Nov07:

I forgot to mention that this will automatically create/append into the $folder variable directory (usually ~/Mail/sentbox, for example). You can also set this variable inside your .muttrc file if you wish to change it (i.e., by adding into .muttrc: set folder = "~/Mizzle").

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November 4th, 2007 at 1:45 am

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