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Identd (aka AUTH) service/server for Windows Vista

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AUTH is needed for many IRC networks, most notably on EFnet. If you’re running a single instance of mIRC for example, it’s not so difficult to port forward TCP 113 to your windows machine and allow mIRC to run its built-in identd.

It gets trickier when you want to dish out varied AUTH responses depending on the client on your NAT. You can use rndware’s Windows Ident Server (1.0.3 is the latest as of this post) with Vista. I use it on Vista and can confirm that it runs both as an application in your systray (handy!), or as a system service (doubly handy!).

You can also use it in conjunction with reply-from-file mode, where it reads identity information from a flatfile rather than responding with the same AUTH each time. This is handy if you setup psyBNC on the same machine as your identd.

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November 8th, 2007 at 5:30 pm

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